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01.04.2019 18:34

Charlotte Mauron

Roche also in Basel has changed over the years to be very international and one of the very enjoyable aspects of working here is the richness of these cross-cultural exchanges. It would be nice to find this again a bit more in the PVR. The AVR is addressing that as well. Even retirees from our neighboring countries seem under-represented in the PVR, is that the case? I was surprised that the presentations at the general annual meeting a couple of weeks ago were not systematically all in German (Hochdeutsch). I would think that doing so would be an easy small step for wider inclusion, as German is much more widely known (even if not well in written form :) ). Thank you.

Schwarzes Brett

07.03.2019 12:37

Fritz Schàublin

Das schwarzi Brätt isch für alli do. Bitte benutze !!!